Greetings and welcome to Fatgirlgone.com, I’m Jade, 28 years old and a wife to be and mother to my awesome peas in a pod P and Z, you’ll probably meet them on my journey through life to become a fat girl gone!


Being big is not something that in all honesty I’ve ever been bothered about, when I was younger it didn’t stop me doing anything that I wanted to do.
In 2012 I became a mum, I had in my head that the birth would be amazing, that I’d be able to give birth naturally, hopefully in a birth pool with little to no drugs, maybe with some whale music for good measure! What happened was entirely different, my waters broke but there was no progress, I ended up being induced, my son became distressed and it all ended up with an emergency c-section, I didn’t let that stop me, I recovered quickly and really got into the swing of changing nappies, a few months after my son was born I began to get achy joints and feel tired a lot of the time, I just put it down to being awake through the night with a little one but it didn’t go away after he settled down into a routine.
In April 2015 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it causes a lot of pain in my joints, my energy levels are dire and carrying all this excess weight is like giving my husband to be a piggyback where ever I go! It’s time to change, shed this weight, for my energy, my sanity and most of all my son. I want to be that mum that takes him on bike rides and can play with an energy to match his, instead of huffing and puffing at the park or potentially falling off my bike into a bush when I run out of steam.

I reached my heaviest of 23st 6lbs in May 2016 after an eventful year full of illness and Fibro flares that left me incapable of any form of exercise and the weight just kept creeping up, I decided to go vegan at the beginning of July 2016 for health and ethical reasons.

This blog is here to document the ups and downs of the reality of weight loss, this is not going to be quick, it’s not going to be easy, but I will get there.

Much love,

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